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Laudetur Jesus Christus!

We regret that at the moment our web site is not available in English.

The personal parish of Maximilian Kolbe was established by the bishop of Chur, Monsignor Vitus Huonder, on 26 February 2012. Our parish includes the entire canton of Zurich. We practice the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, also known as the old Latin mass. In our parish all faithful who have a connection with catholic tradition shall find a spiritual home.

Are you searching in a city like Zurich, with people of different origins, a place where a common language is spoken?

Find such a place at the Latin mass!
Discover the beauty of the Gregorian chants!
Assure yourself of the truth and the timeless beauty of the catholic faith!

It is not because of nostalgia that we love the Latin mass.
We are not in love with dust. On the contrary! We experience the Latin mass as youthful and fresh.
Are you interested in this form of the holy mass? Do you have questions, or do you search for a place to deepen your faith? Our priests are always available, in English as well.

You can download our current mass schedule.

Feel free to contact us.

Your pastor,

P. Martin Ramm FSSP